Jeff’s Not That Funny


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Please update your links to! New projects are to follow on my brand spanking new website. However, thanks to the magic of the internet, previous followers will still receive updates. I think. You know I think the internet is kinda like voodoo magic.

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Sunday Morning 

Before you ask yourself the difference between a #WalkofShame or a #StrideofPride when you see daylight after Saturday Night
you should ask yourself;
Was it Fun? 

Choose DIY and wondering who the fuck you are on a Sunday morning. -Trainspotting 



Jeff vs Queen West Hipsters. 


Hodman: They closed down that  Church with the ‘Out of the Cold’ program for the homeless to put in one of those hip ‘Anthropologie’ stores. What’s next? Damn that article stating Queen West was trendy! It gave the hipsters justification they needed!

Jeff: That is the epitome of gentrification. 

Hodman: Word. 

Utilities Not Included | Renter life


Excuse me?

Under ‘security deposit’ on this application there’s just a photo of what looks like, of course I could be mistaken, a loaded gun and what seem to be written….

‘Good luck’

That may or may not be written in the previous applicant’s blood? I mean I still want to know the square footage of this place.

Whoa, Whoa – What do you mean utilities included?

#Rent #WarZone #MurderHeWrote

Cellar Door


Cellar Door

A layer at a time you fold back and and what lies beneath makes a dramatic reveal.
The realization sets in and your floodgate act in defense.
For every one step forward we waltz three back. Dancing endlessly around the point.

I fear this will be our last stanza together.
You, me and what could be.
Perhaps I am alone on this page as you suggest.